The Broken Record Question: Why won’t you grant access to our website, server, and databases?

This is typical when a third party, typically a so-called ‘SEO’ agency tries to mislead and exploit our clients.  To begin with, Astria One covers all aspects of digital marketing, including website design & management, pay-per-click (PPC / Google Adwords) advertising, and search-engine-optimization (SEO).

It’s Our Business

First of all, website design, hosting, and management is part of our core business.  Giving full administrative access to anyone outside of our team, not only undermines our operation, but interferes with our workflow.  This is the same reason why Best Buy won’t let customers go into their back warehouse and pull things off their shelves.  But in a customer’s eyes, what’s the big deal right?  

We’re Already Charging for This

The full management of websites is already built into your subscription fee, meaning, any requested changes are included, at no additional cost (FREE!).  That being said, why would someone be so adamant on getting administrative access to our proprietary servers and your information?  When someone buys a set of tires, do they insist on going to the factory to mix the rubber themselves?

This is What Can & Will Happen

Case Study 1: We once made an exception and granted admin access to a website, in the past.  We made clear that it would void all warranties and the client would be liable for any costs to fix problems arising with the website.  They agreed.  Then, through sloppy work on their end, the website became infected with malware, thereby compromising our entire server cluster, putting our entire business in jeopardy.  When we needed to charge for our service, it strained the business relationship.  At this point in the explanation, the risks clearly outweigh the benefits for us.

Case Study 2: An outside vendor, set to undermine our operation, misleading our client and our team to believe that they only needed to add some landing pages.  Since our client’s VP of IT was on vacation, we decided to make a rare exception–After all, the agreement was that they only needed to add a landing page.  Less than 2 months later, the outside vendor oversteps their agreement and replaces our clients’ websites without permission, modifies core files and databases on our servers, and creates numerous security and compatibility threats.

We Protect You

As your primary multi-channel marketing support team, we are your partners in business.  Most of our clients have the cell phone contacts of many of our team members.  We work as your in-house, offsite team, for a fraction of the cost.  That’s why, when we see an investor, partner, or manager try to plug in an outside vendor that has little to no understanding of our business dynamics, it is viewed as a threat, for your protection.  

Be Careful Who You Trust

We work directly with representatives at Google, and understand the freedom we have to promote your website.  We also understand the limits of what can be done, short of paid advertisements.  Most SEO companies know that results are highly subjective, and make absurd promises to deliver what is physically impossible, based on the law of physics and how search engines are built.  But their goal is to charge as much money as possible, before you throw in the towel and cut them off.  

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