Stellar Creative is a major advertising agency, serving multiple-location clients with print and web design services. Their team and industry expertise have helped us create a powerful new marketing platform. As other marketing and advertising companies are specializing, Astria One is consolidating.

Specialization vs. Consolidation: Who does each benefit?

Specialization is attractive to many companies, because it reduces cost, frees up bandwidth, and improves quality. As long as the customer base is receiving everything they need, all sides benefit. But what happens when specialization sacrifices key products and services? Well, that leaves customers floundering to find a second, third, and even fourth provider to fill the void.

Consolidation in the eyes of marketing managers, results in cost savings, improved communication, and consistency of products and services. Rather than contacting multiple vendors and hoping for the best outcome at the end, Astria provides a single source for marketing products and services.  In this case, the burden falls on the vendor.  With our recent acquisition of Stellar Creative, Astria One is well-equipped to provide wide-scope marketing products and services, in-house.

Astria One Source is a single-source provider of marketing products and services.  Unless you’re an ad agency, chances are–You don’t have an entire creative team to bring your marketing plan into fruition.  As a marketing director, you can contact that freelance graphic designer on Craigslist, then call the print shop down the street.  Then, you might want to post an ad, looking for a videographer, while you text your friend from college for that photographer’s information.

Or, you can contact Astria One.



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