This is a Learning Opportunity that Pays!

We are looking for a junior graphic designer, that has a little bit of background in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  This position would grow into a senior level graphic designer for the right candidate.  Please don’t be scared to apply, if you don’t have much experience–We prefer to teach you through our internal training program.  Technical skills can be learned by anyone, with enough patience; Attitude, work ethic, likability, and honesty cannot be taught.

We just ask that you have the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (in anything), or graduating senior
  • Some kind of job experience at some point in your life (Retail counts)
  • Humility and the willingness to learn
  • A really positive attitude
  • Full-time availability (weekdays only)
  • Not be a graphic designer.  We want to teach someone with less experience, that could use a good opportunity to work while learning.  Please yield the opportunity to someone that needs it.

How much does this pay?  We could be dodgy and say “depends on experience,” or “negotiable,” but we’re not that kind of workplace.  This position starts at $15/hour, goes to $17/hour after 3 months, then $20/hour after 1 year.

Do you offer health insurance?  Yes, you will receive health insurance after 90 days.

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