All websites designed by Astria One are searchable, visible, and indexed by Google, and major search engines.  They are optimized and compressed on the server-side, images are compressed, and the code is optimized for faster loading.  We have Google Analytics installed on all websites to monitor website traffic in real-time.  Any content that comes in, is automatically optimized for search engine readability.

Based on the industry, type of traffic, size of typical websites, and proven track record, we would recommend any additional investments into web-based marketing be allocated toward Google Adwords (Paid Search Advertising/PPC).  This is because it is highly effective, predictable, measurable, and most important: proven.  

We do not have an official “SEO” add-on package to these websites, because so far, all “tactics” that are being peddled by SEO Vendors have proven to be unfruitful.  Ultimately, the only true SEO that is effective, is content.  As your marketing partners, we would never mislead and take advantage of our clients/friends with smoke/mirrors and services that cannot be proven effective. 

The following basic improvements/upgrades, are already being done, free of charge:

– Server-side GZIP compression = Faster loading, so more visitors that stay
– SSL security cert: Security certificate = Google will play favorites with us
– Optimize CSS and Javascript = Faster loading, so more visitors will stay
– Sitemaps = Google can better see, organize, and index your pages
– Authored Page Titles, Metadata, and Image Alt tags to improve search engine user experience = Google search will display our results more prominently.


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