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More Content

Think of the internet like a fishbowl, full of raffle tickets. If you put more raffle tickets inside, you will increase your chances of winning. Now let’s pretend you have a page on your website that talks about shoe laces. When a user searches for shoe polish, you probably won’t be anywhere in the fishbowl. But another website might have a page for shoe laces, another for shoe polish, and so on. This is a very simplified version, but it’s just enough for you to understand what you need.

Useful Content

Have you ever gotten those emails that promise “keywords” and “SEO”? Those freelancing, Craigslist-jockeys must be pretty smart if they can, in essence, trick major search engines, such as Google.

In 2016, Google generated $90 billion in revenue–This didn’t happen because they’re stupid. In fact, Google is very smart–They employ some of the best and brightest minds in the world. So let’s humble ourselves, a bit, and assume that their products work. The Google search engine’s job is to help a user find what they’re looking for. That means, if a user searches for “red shoes,” they should find pages and pages of red shoes. It’s wishful thinking to say that a user searching for red shoes will land on your web page that sells dog collars because your “SEO Expert” added “keywords.”

Search engines have one sole purpose: To help you find what you are searching for. Every day, the software engineers that work for the search engines find ways to improve their search results. This is borderline artificial intelligence; So, Google knows if your content is useful, or not.

Don’t Try to Cheat

Trying to beat the system is very ambitious, but it’s much easier to just be legitimate. Like the saying goes for casinos, “The house always wins.” Google is a multi-billion dollar giant, and to think that the stranger with the colorful website can deliver on his/her promise of cheating the search engines is pure fantasy. In the off chance that this does work, it’s only a short matter of time until their engineers update the search engine to leave you out. The worst part?–Your website can even get blacklisted or fall in ranking once it’s discovered that you’re “spam.”