Mission Pain and Spine Wants a Sign

The doctors at Mission Pain and Spine Institute asked us for a recommendation for signage, for their waiting room, that wouldn’t break the bank.  Water walls that you see at large law firms and corporate offices can be costly.  We considered cut vinyl decals, but once you stick those on the wall, that’s it.  That’s when one of our designers brought up the question during a brainstorm session, why don’t we treat their sign, like art?  The idea is simple, but so brilliant.  You want your logo displayed, prominently, in your waiting room or lobby.  You want people to be drawn to it, to study it, to marvel–That sounds a lot like art.

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Mission Pain and Spine Signage

Let’s Mount the Logo to Canvas

A work of art is what we’re proposing–A work of art is what they’re gonna get.  To achieve this, we’re going to print their logo directly onto white canvas, using a high-resolution, wide-format printer.  Once the ink has cured, the canvas will be stretched, evenly, over a wooden frame and stapled in place.  After a few pieces of necessary hardware, our team will mount the art piece to the wall at Mission Pain and Spine Institute.   With a few spotlights, placed in the right place, the waiting room will now have a centerpiece that reinforces their brand.

Mission Pain and Spine Institute specializes in: sports medicine, regenerative medicine, spine pain, joint pain, neurological conditions, spinal injuries, and pain management.  Dr. King and Dr. Fadavi are renowned in their fields of work, and are at the forefront of medical research into revolutionary treatments.   Located in Mission Viejo, California, patients from many parts of the United States have traveled to Mission Pain and Spine Institute.

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