With a name like, Astria One, it’s only natural that curious people ask: “What do you do?”  The obvious go-to answer would be, “marketing products and services.”  But what is it about our marketing products and services that make us unique?  Why do our clients stay with us, forever?  To also help us understand, we decided to break it down:

The One Source for Marketing Products and Services

At the core of our business model is consolidation.  Astria One consolidates marketing products and services into a single source provider.  Our competitors seem to focus on a single product, or service.  For them, this makes sense–It’s profitable and easy to manage.  But clients end up losing as their marketing directors scramble to manage countless vendors that cannot communicate with each other.  We, on the other hand, augment the chain of command in your marketing team, giving you a single point of contact for all things marketing.

By consolidating all marketing products and services, Astria One creates brand consistency, unifying all channels under a common goal.  Even if if the product or services is completely out of scope, we will help you get to the right place.

What We Really Provide: Peace of Mind

Our team is there for you.  Even a phone call about IT support won’t get turned away.  It doesn’t matter if we ‘sell’ the product, or not.  We will stay with you, until the problem gets resolved.  The best part?  Routine support requests are not billable.

You Save So Much Money

Over 90% of our support requests are not actually billable.  Of course, we could charge for each and every request like a typical ad agency; But, that’s not our business model.  Even our most basic marketing package includes edits, updates, consultation, and proofing at no additional charge.  That means, the $1,000s that you’ve been spending each month on marketing can be consolidated into a stable membership for a fraction of the cost.


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