January 31, 2017 — The business next door left an unattended heat gun in the warehouse, and it started a fire (Totally irresponsible, right!?).  Thank goodness nobody was seriously injured.  Our offices did not suffer any fire damage, but the smoke and water damage was extensive.  Most of our clients did not even experience downtime due to this incident, thanks to our all-star team.

How Did Nothing Get Lost?

A fire, then smoke damage, water damage, and full displacement from the work space?  But nothing was lost!?  That’s because 100% of our critical documents are stored on cloud servers.  This means that no matter where we go, in the world, our (and your) digital assets are protected and accessible.  Even the websites that we manage are kept on dedicated, secured, offsite servers, with multiple redundancies in place.  This overabundance of caution came into fruition after the fire.

Between Offices, EVERYONE Worked From Home

We really have to thank our loyal and kind team members for this.  As the building management brought in restoration crews, we were forced to vacate.  Each and every team member brought an iMac, an IP phone, and their kick-ass attitude home.  Between our IP phone system and 100% cloud-based workflow, customers experienced virtually zero downtime.

We Moved to a Bigger, Better Building!

In the midst of setback, lies opportunity.  The old building is completely out of commission, so we took the opportunity to expand!   We now have more than four times the space and are working hard to renovate the interior with our fun/wacky antics.  Stay tuned for a room-by-room unveiling.

The girls are hard at work, designing and remodeling the entire downstairs.
We have so much space, that the upstairs is still untouched!

Update Our Contact/Billing Information

Astria One, Inc.
9 Orchard Road, Suite 109
Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 724-1374

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